• Technology Wiki for frequently used information. Currently under construction.
  • iBoss Filter - Requesting Websites Open

    If you encounter an iBoss block page for a website that you believe should be open, please verify that you are correctly signed in to the iBoss filter by checking the “Group Name” on the block page. If you are in the correct group and the website is still blocked, fill out the “Request an Exception” form at the bottom of the page and submit.


    If you are not getting a block page, but you believe the website is not functioning properly because of the iBoss filter, please submit a helpdesk ticket with the URL of the website and a description of the issue.

  • iBoss Filter – Sign-In and Sign-Out

    These instructions only apply to domain users (anyone with an assigned computer login from the district)


    The iBoss device filters based on user and group settings and therefore requires users to sign in. This usually happens automatically on Windows-based computers that are part of the school domain. When you sign in to your computer, the iBoss device associates your user account and computer.


    In some circumstances, the device will lose track of the association. For example, if your computer physically moved between buildings while on or asleep or if your computer was on or asleep when the iBoss device restarts for an update. In these cases, you can correct the association by signing out of your computer and signing back in, or just restart your computer.


    If you are not signed-in to the filter, but you cannot restart your computer for some reason or you are using a device that does not belong to the school domain such as a personal laptop or tablet, you can manually sign in to the iBoss filter.

    iBoss main page

    To start, open a web browser and go to Do not try to sign in on this page; it is the management sign in page. There is some useful information available here though. You can see your current IP address, which we may request for troubleshooting purposes, but more interesting is the current group. If your current group is “Default” then your computer is not currently associated to a user in the iBoss filter. To correct this, click the “Internet Access” link, which is actually the logout link. Enter your domain credentials (not your email address) just as if you were signing in to your computer. If successful, you will see a browser tab or window that says “Internet Access Window” with the instructions to keep the window open. Closing the window or clicking “Logout” will end the current session.

  • Computer Accounts & Passwords

    We utilize a system in the district called LDAPS/SSO (Single-Sign-On).  Your account password expires every 365 days.  Your password must meet the following complexeties:


    Minimum of 10 characters long

    You cannot re-use the last 3 passwords

    Must contain special characters


    This single sign on allows you access to the following areas:


    Computer Logins

    Google Apps For Education

    Helpdesk Ticketing Software


    District Website (Shcsd.org)

    Destiny Follett (Online Library System)

    iBoss (Web Content Filter)

    Aesop Online


    To change your password, log into any district computer and press the following keys:  Control+Alt+Delete and select Change Password.