•    PBIS:

                  Positive  Behavior  Interventions  and  Support 


     Spring Farms Elementary School has implemented a School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support Plan.  Research has indicated that positive behavioral support plans effectively reduce the number of office referrals, as well as referrals for special education, while creating a more positive school climate.  The plan includes 4 major components, which are:


    • Broad school-wide rules


    • Explicit instruction for appropriate behavior in all school settings


    • A school-wide, positive reinforcement plan for all students and staff


    • A systemic procedure for handling chronic behavior difficulties



    Our 4 Behavior Expectations / Core Values:


    * Be Respectful


    * Be Responsible


    * Be Ready


    * Be Safe                                             



    The reinforcement plan will encourage and reward positive behaviors on a frequent basis.  


    • Daily Rocket Tickets & Interest Clubs
    • Weekly prize drawings
    • Quarterly Reward Days
    • Blue Ticket Winners / VIP Club





    Positive behavior earns Rocket Tickets and Interest Clubs.


    Rocket Tickets can earn you prizes.






    Students who do not get an ODR for the day 

    may participate in an Interest Club.


    ** Club Choices **


    Line Soccer  -  Chalk  -  Hula-Hoops  -  Makerspace  -  Osmo  -  GoNoodle  -  (Youtube)  -  Cosmic Yoga  -  4 Corners  -  Bingo  -  Drawing  -  Kids Bop (Youtube)  -  Legos  -  Board Games  -  Arts & Crafts  -  Technology  -  Games  -  Puzzles  -  Walk the track/hallway  -  Knockout (basketball)  -  Read-to-Self  -  Kahoot  -  Homework Club  -  Dance Party  -  Kickball  -  Soccer  -  Football  -  Gardening Club  -  Social Hour  -  Storytime  -  Flag tag  -  and more...






    Office Discipline Referral (ODR) means you will have to miss Interest Clubs.


    You will go to Rocket Refueling to complete a “Think Sheet”.


    Please support our efforts by reviewing and reinforcing the 3 R’s… and S! with your child:


    * Be Respectful       * Be Responsible

    * Be Ready          * Be Safe



    “Rocketing Our Students to Be…

    Respectful, Responsible, Ready, and Safe!”