Hand Print Collage

Hand Print Collage
Please complete this project, and put it on Artsonia, or E-mail that to me to grade!

This project is to help you think outside of the lines!
will give you step by step directions below on how to create your very own.
I will be grading this on the effort I can see you put into your project. I encourage you to TAKE YOUR TIME and investigate yourself! 
Fill up the full page with color. No white space.
Example is posted above.
Lets begin!

Step 1.) You will need white paper to begin this project.
Step 2.) Use markers if available (if not use materials that are available to you) to outline your hand print. Please use at least 5 hand prints. Try to over lap hand prints.
Look to my example to see how to overlap the handprints. 
Step 3.) After outline your handprints, then fill in each space with a color to fill the white spaces all over page. ( I encourage you to try to not have the same color next to a block that is the same color, such as light green beside another space filled with light green. )
Step 4.) Begin creating your own textures in some of the hands. It can be as complex or simple as you feel looks right to you, and feels you're expressing your own style!
Step 5.) Sign your name in the bottom right corner, or within your design. 
Make sure when you sign it, that is is CLEAR so I can read these to grade.
I encourage you to date them as well.

Thank you! I am looking so forward to seeing your creations!