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About Us

General Information About Our District:

Planning Process

   The district sought volunteers from the school and outside communities to serve on the committee. The committee met numerous times to develop the vision,
mission statement, and the shared values.  Other committees developed the various areas to a more detailed plan. The committees began meeting almost a
year ago, and the plan was completed in the month of November.

Mission Statement:

Rocketing our students into their future.

Vision Statement:

We are committed to our students becoming leaders in the 21st Century, using critical thinking and interpersonal skills to succeed in a global society.  

Shared Values:

We believe in placing students first by:
• Striving to provide a safe, supportive and positive environment for students.
• Challenging each student equally to achieve college and career readiness skills.
• Valuing that each student can learn and contribute to society.

Educational Community:

   Southern Huntingdon County School District is located in a rural area of southcentral Pennsylvania. The school district includes 12 boroughs and townships. The districts’ communities include an approximate population of 8,000 people, and the schools educate about 1,380 (mostly Caucasian with few minority) students per school year. The school district's community is in the lower 30th percentile of wealth measurement in the state. The limited industries in the community include the Woodland Retirement Home (skilled nursing care facility), Southern Huntingdon County School District (elementary and secondary public schools), Community State Bank of Orbisonia (banking), Interforest Corporation (mill working), and Sandy Ridge Market LLC (grocery retailer).  Southern Huntingdon County School District offers a kindergarten to 12th grade program for students of ages 5 to 21.  In that program, students have opportunities in traditional academic content areas, online courses, career technical programs, cyber/charter programs, and extra-curricular activities.  There are 86 of teachers, 3 counselors, 2 nurses, and one librarian.  

   The student/teacher ratio is 13.6:1. The district's communities offer students church (faith-­based), community service (fire protection, etc.), athletic organizations, and a community pool for summer activity and other opportunities.  The community is proud of their school district, but face the difficulties of the economic challenges and restraints that the schools encounter.  The community believes Southern Huntingdon County School District students receive as good an education as anywhere, and one that prepares students to be productive citizens.

SHCSD District Office

10339 Pogue Road
Three Springs, PA 17264