• Supply List Supply List for Fourth Grade (Mrs. Thomas) Supply List



    Headphones for use with school laptop

    3 glue sticks

    2 bottles of Elmer's Glue

    2 packages of Ticonderoga pencils (Please do not send in mechanical pencils)

    plastic pencil box

    Crayola crayons - pack of 24

    Crayola markers - Broad Tip

    Crayola markers - Fine Tip

    2 chunky erasers

    pencil top erasers

    package of construction paper - assorted colors

    package of wide ruled notebook paper

    6 yellow highlighters

    pair of scissors

    2 pocket folders

    3 dry erase markers 



    Each Friday, we clean our classroom to help control sickness and disease.  

    Throughout the school year, I will request the following items:  tissues, Clorox wipes, antibacterial soap, and germy-gel.  

    These items help us to keep our room clean and germ-free.